Complete as many challenges as possible during your stay in the United Kingdom.

You will have to use your smartphone's camera and microphone to record some challenges so your teacher can have a look at them! You may also have to use the 'Notes' application on your smartphone.

Every day:

Write a short text about how your day has been in the United Kingdom. Describe what you have done/visited. Also reflect on the challenges you had to complete. You can use the 'Notes' application on your smartphone to make this report. Make sure you don't accidently delete your reports because your teacher might want to read them!

Day 1:

  • Make a (bucket)list of what you would want/expect to do while abroad.
  • Greet a local.
  • Ask the way to the hotel/youth hostel.

Day 2:

  • Talk about the weather with a local.
  • Buy a newspaper and use an article as a talking point with your friend. Record your conversation using your smartphone.
  • Get as many selfies with as many locals as possible.
  • Film yourself at one of London's tourist attractions and explain what you can do there.

Day 3:

  • Interview a local on why they (don’t) like life in their city/town. Try to find out what it's like living there. Record this interview using your smartphone.
  • Buy a souvenir for a friend or a family member in a local store. Take a selfie with the souvenir.
  • Make a video in which you talk about your experiences and what you have learnt during your trip to the United Kingdom.