At the doctor's

Useful language

Useful words

Word Explanation
pain a feeling in your body when you’re not feeling well or when you have been hurt
ache a feeling of continuous pain
ill not feeling well, diseased
sick physically or mentally ill (for example: wanting to vomit)
sore a painful feeling because of an infection or because of on overused muscle
injury harm done to the body
heal to become healthy
cure a medicine or treatment
diagnose something the doctor does to define what the illness or the cause of it is


Picture Symptom
tummy ache
constipation - trouble going to bathroom
muscle pain

What will a doctor ask you (to do)?

  • Where’s the pain?
  • For how long have you been feeling ill?
  • Have you been injured?
  • Can I have a look?
  • Take your clothes off. I’ll examine you.
  • Let me take your pulse, please. (pulse = heart rate)
  • Let me sound your back, take a deep breath.
  • You must stay in bed and take this medicine three times a day, after meals.
  • Come back soon if you don’t feel better.