Having a conversation

Useful language

How to offer/refuse something

  • Would you like to take a picture of my friend and I?
  • Yes, of course!
  • No, sorry.

Understanding someone

  • Sorry, I didn't quite understand that.
  • Can you repeat that, please?
  • I didn't understand you.

On the phone

  • Who is this, please?
  • This is John speaking
  • I’ve got the wrong number, sorry.
  • Can I speak to Peter, please?
  • Just a moment, please.
  • Have a nice day.

How to ask/argue

  • Can you explain that, please?
  • Sorry to interrupt you.
  • I don't agree with that.

Some useful tips

  • Avoid controversial lines of conversations if you don’t know the people you’re talking to that well. (Brexit, religion, racism, homophobia and other politics)
  • Always use please after a request and thank you when being helped.
  • When talking to someone, try to make eye contact with them. That shows your interest.
  • Do not talk loudly (nor on your phone) in a quiet public place (train, bus, library, …).