A handful of tips

1. Keep in mind: sometimes it is quicker to walk than to wait for the tube or bus to get to your destination.

2. You must stand on the right at tube stations. These stations can get very busy and space is very limited. So always walk on the right side so that everyone may pass through easily.

3. Purchase a London Pass. If you plan to visit a lot of tourist attractions, a London Pass will come in handy since it offers big discounts on the most well known tourist attractions in London.

4. Hire a Santander Bicycle. You can rent a public bycicle for only £2 for 24 hours. Use the bicycle to explore the city!

5. Purchase a London Hop-On, Hop-Off bus pass. As you may find in the tourist attractions section, the Golden Tours buses are great to get around London very quickly. You can purchase a day pass for £26. There are cheaper options, however! The red buses don’t have as many stops, but are only £2.

6. Explore London’s parks. London is a big city, but it also has a lot of green. Head over to the tourist attractions section to find out what parks you can visit. They are free, by the way!

7. There are free walking tours in London.

8. You can pick up a £3 meal deal at Sainsbury’s supermarket.

9. The tap water in London is clean and won’t harm you if you drink it.

10. Don't just visit the 'tourist hotspots', but try to visit the lesser known areas of London. There are many hidden secrets to discover!